Solar projects

Solid investments in photovoltaic: profit for you and for the environment

Solar installations are

  • a sustainable capital investment in renewable energy;
  • good for your corporate image, because you have rendered a contribution to active environmental protection;
  • an energy-cost reducer, because self-produced and used electricity is your own gain.

Innowatt24 is a partner for specialist dealers, planners, and investors. We create and operate solar power stations on commercial, public, and agricultural surfaces - from small systems up to complete solar parks.

You can still participate in these projects:
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Are you looking for a partner in a large-scale photovoltaic project?

If you own a property or a roof surface and are thinking about setting up a solar park, then we would be glad to support you in the planning, assembly, and operational management.

Naturally we can provide you with individual services as well as solar panels, inverters, and everything else you need for your own solar park.