Case studies

Case study 2, single-family house in Berlin

Solar energy is not only interesting for companies with enormous roof surfaces, a highly efficient solar plant can also be installed on a private house without difficulty. Apart from the ecological contribution, small solar energy projects are financially very lucrative. The Altenbrunn family from Berlin also came to this conclusion. In the shortest possible time, they used Innowatt24 to realize a highly efficient solar plant on their roof which almost covered three times the overall electrical demand of the family. In 2012 the PV facility produced 7,485.3 kWh. The electricity not required by the family is sold or fed into the public network.


 Berlin / Berlin


 32 x Innowatt24 (240 Watt)


 2 x NT 4200 (Sunways AG)


 7,680 kWp


 May / 2010


 DN 45°, Azimuth -18°


  • Reduces the consumption of non-renewable energy by about 7,500 kWh/year
  • Rapid installation: max. three days for the complete solar plant
  • Produces 300% of the annual electrical needs of a family with clean, environmentally-friendly energy
  • Short amortization of investment through continually increasing energy costs
  • More independence