This is how it works

Step 1
Request a free and non-binding consultation for your company or municipality
>> by filling out the online form, or call  +1 704 705 1358, or contact us by e-mail:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Step 2
Our solar expert will get in touch with you for an appointment to calculate the possibilities and returns based on the available surface area.

Step 3
On location, the solar specialist makes an assessment and designs a solar unit tailored to your requirements.  As soon as you have decided on a system, the Innowatt24 solar expert completes all the formalities.

Step 4
The materials are directly delivered and your photovoltaic system can be installed by us. Your company can then immediately begin to generate green electricity.

Make your investment worthwhile

Solar energy is a secure and lucrative capital investment with saving potential by own consumption.

You need an experienced solar expert

  • Innowatt24 has been working in the solar technology sector since 1985.
  • At Innowatt24, you always receive state-of-the-art services, technologies, and developments of the industry
  • We work as a team in our company as well as with our customers and partners. Rapid response times in-house and with clients are important to us, in order to offer solutions tailored to specific demands and requirements.
  • Innowatt24 Corp. is an American company with German know-how.
  • Innowatt24 offers complete systems from one source: you only need to put the PV facility into operation.

You need advanced technology
We know which modules are available on the market and which are the most efficient. We install products which are completely harmonized with the other components involved and which bring maximum returns.

You need reliable installers
The installation of the components of a PV system can considerably influence the system performance. We select our partners according to the strictest criteria, so you can be certain that your project is supported by an expert for PV systems.

You want high economic returns
Performance-optimized system components guarantee high returns on your investment. This means a lower electricity bill and less burden in the event of future electricity price increases.

You have us: Innowatt24