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We no longer want to speak about the consequences of climate change, but rather about the opportunities of a global energy turnaround.

Anyone still thinking about constructing a coal or nuclear power plant is acting shortsightedly and irresponsibly. Renewable energy is the future of our energy supply. These forms of energy are clean, safe, decentralized, and inexhaustible. Above all, photovoltaics, the extraction of electricity from sunlight, is contributing ever more to the electrical supply. Solar power facilities can be installed almost anywhere and can always deliver your green electricity when the demand is greatest. The sun provides unlimited energy reserves.
With a panel surface of about 380 km┬▓, the current world demand for electricity could be covered by solar energy.

The vision of an energy turnaround:
The solar full-service solutions of Innowatt24 are indispensable for implementing an energy turnaround.
You can have confidence in our know-how. Become an environmentalist, a financial investor, and do something for your company image, besides.

We can offer you first-class outdoor and solar roof-top installations in Germany as project developers and GC (EPC). The PV facilities are in part already under construction or will begin shortly.

Turnkey solar parks are likewise available. We can naturally also offer European PV projects.

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